Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Chris Bangs - Oddity


"When I need a plug with real bite I always go for Oddity first!"

Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)

Chris Bangs - VSM


"Vintage funk sounds?, Roy Ayers, Stevie, Zawinul? Nothing else comes close!"

Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)

Dean Coleman - Minimonsta


"I love the low end on the Minimonsta! And its flexibility. It ran great on my G4 and AMAZING on my MacPro."

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

Stephen Lipson - M-Tron Pro

"I love it. It sounds really good."

Stephen Lipson (Producer/Songwriter: Annie Lennox, Rolling Stones, Grace Jones)

Yorkie - VSM


"I waited eagerly for the release of this synth, as I have been a long term fan of the original string synths, from the Solina thru to the ARP Quartet.

I was not disappointed: the sounds are fantastic and the functionality of the G-Sampler engine means that you quite simply never need to leave the house again."

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)

Dean Coleman - Oddity


"I love the sick sound designs you can do on the Oddity and the automation is super-tight within Logic. Definitely gets a lot of use from me!"

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

Mike Beck - M-Tron Pro

"This instrument has more character than a politician has excuses"

Mike Beck

Gordon Reid - Oddity

"For a long time, I was not a fan of software synths, finding them less intuitive and less musical than their hardware brethren. However, my view is changing, and much of the credit or blame lies at GForce Software's door.

I like M-Tron, and the Oddity was the first software synth I used that combined an accurate representation of its inspiration, a good user interface and watertight operation.

With ImpOSCar, the company has gone still further and, now that everything works correctly, the additional benefits outweigh any reservations I might have had."

Gordon Reid (Sound On Sound Magazine)

Chris Cross - Minimonsta

"The Ultravox reunion tour was a technical dream and my department was very well covered by MiniMonsta and the fabulously chilling sound of the VSM Elka patches.

It was the closest you can get to time travel on a keyboard. With the added adventure of the digital kingdom. Many thanks to the digital wizards at Gforce Software."

Chris Cross (Bass and keyboard player for Ultravox)

Computer Music Magazine - Minimonsta

"A fine emulation of the much-loved Minimoog, and, dare we say, an improvement on the original!"

Computer Music Magazine