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Artist feedback on our instruments

Sound On Sound Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"The M-Tron graduates to long trousers with this highly enjoyable, easy to use 'Pro' version of GForce's popular, well-loved Melly plug-in. Its dual-layer structure orders subtractive synthesis, effects, full MIDI control and a greatly expanded code library. Twice the fun!"

Sound On Sound Magazine

Lee Groves - impOSCar


"Fuck me, it's immense!"

Lee Groves (Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Basement Jaxx and more)

James Ford - VSM


"It sounds great, and is really flexible. and its great to be able to use it on the road or in sessions without having to lug all those heavy bastards around!"

James Ford (Producer (Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys) and one half of Simian Mobile Disco.)

Futurecut Productions


"We use Oddity and M-Tron almost every day on tracks including LDN / Knock-em Out - Lily Allen and Wannabe - Dizzee Rascal"

Futurecut Productions

Dean Coleman - Minimonsta


"I love the low end on the Minimonsta! And its flexibility. It ran great on my G4 and AMAZING on my MacPro."

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

Mikey Rowe


The M Tron Pro and it's expansion packs are completely believable and as authentic as they come. I've used these on many records and on tour  - I couldn't do without them in my arsenal of sounds'.

Mikey Rowe (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Elli Ingram, Bill Fay, FSOL, Amorphous Androgynous, Nas).


Billy Currie - VSM


"Receiving the VSM coincided nicely with the start of my new album and I was looking forward to it because I thought it was a great idea to have all these instruments together. I also felt like working with just the piano and string synth for coming up with ideas. Something I used to do in the past, especially when working with a band.

It was amazing to hear the Elka Rhapsody again and the Yamaha SS-30 but it is also good to hear all the other ones that are in there. I always loved the Oberheim sound so I have utilised the Xpander sounds.

The Solina was an instrument I didn't really get on with in the seventies, too silky, but interesting to go back to now!

I do admit though that I did not have a great relationship with the Yamaha SS-30 initially. Yamaha gave the gear to Ultravox in 1979-80 so I didn't say "No thanks". I must admit it does sound flipping brilliant in the VSM though - Nice One!"

Billy Currie (Ultravox)

Klaus Shulze - Oddity


"Today I installed the Oddity... it's beautiful. And with the 24dB filters it sounds much better than the original! I really can recommend this synth."

Klaus Shulze

Mark Kelly - M-Tron Pro


"M-Tron Pro is a fantastic update for a classic instrument, breathing new life into those classic sounds."

Mark Kelly (Marillion)

Keyboards Magazine Germany - impOSCar

"I'm impressed by impOSCar. Many sound creating features are far extended coherently. ImpOSCar is no common plug-in: distortions are part of its special sound...

The offered sounds are original: bass line sounds are way more brachial than with any other plug-in.

If you like digital FXs you got to put your hands on impOSCar... The wicked, high powered and harsh sounds make it so different to all other simulations of analogue gear."

Keyboards Magazine Germany